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    Shore D Scale Durometer Test Stand
    Model No. PHT-981

    Model No. PHT-981 Shore A Durometer Stand This Phase II durometer test stand ais used to improve the accuracy and […]

    Surface roughness testers, profilometers, surface finish, surface roughness chart, Ra Surface finish, surface roughness testing, surface roughness gage

    Surface Roughness Tester/Profilometer/Ra Surface finish with Bluetooth Data Output
    Model No. SRG-2200

    Specifications: Roughness parameter Ra, Rms(Rq), (ISO), Rt, Rz (DIN) Measuring range Ra: 0.05-10.0mm  / Rz 0.1-50mm Rms: 0.05-10.0mm  / Rt: […]

    portable hardness testers,pen type portable hardness testers, pocket portable hardness testers

    Pen Type Portable Hardness Testers – Pocket Portable Hardness Testers
    Model No. PHT-3300

    Advanced integrated portable hardness tester distinguished by its very compact size, high accuracy, wide measuring range and simplicity of operation.


    Shore A Scale Durometer Test Block Kits
    Model No. PHT950-25 | PHT950-25C

    7pc Shore A Durometer Test Block Kit Model No. PHT950-25 Consists of 7 color coded test blocks that range from […]

    surface roughness tester stand, profilometer stand, surface roughness stand,

    Surface Roughness Tester Stand/Profilometer Stand/Surface Roughness Tester Accessories
    Model No. SRG4600-MP | SRG4000-050 | SRG4600-100 | SRG4500-200 | SRG4500-300 | SRG4500-400 | SRG4500-500 | SRG4500-550

          Part No. SRG4000-050 surface roughness tester Precision Support Stand Can be used with either 4000,4500 & 4600 […]

    Ultrasonic thickness gauges, ultrasonic thickness, ultrasonic thickness tester, ultrasonic thickness meter, thickness tester, ut meter, ultrasonic thickness gages,UT thickness gauge, pipe thickness gauge

    Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge w/ Thru Coating and Color A&B Scan/Pipe Thickness Gauge/UT Thickness Gauge
    Model No. UTG-2675

    The UTG-2675 ultrasonic thickness gauge is a simple to use, highly accurate, hand-held Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with the ability to […]

    portable hardness testing machines, steel portable hardness testers, portable hardness testers, portable rockwell hardness, handheld hardness testers, leeb portable hardness testers,

    Portable Hardness Tester/portable hardness testing machines
    Model No. PHT-1900

    State of the art, digital portable hardness tester is designed to test the hardness of large hard metal parts. Clean crisp display shows the incredible functions that can only be found on this new portable hardness tester such as auto-probe detection, auto direction detector, single and multi-point calibration make the new 1900 the most versatile portable hardness tester in the industry.

    Shore D Scale Durometer Test Block Kits
    Model No. PHT975-20 | PHT975-20C

    3pc Shore D Durometer Test Block Kit Model No. PHT975-20 Consists of 7 color coded test blocks that range from […]

    surface roughness testers, profilometers, surface finish, surface roughness chart, surface roughness reference standards, profilometer standards, surface finish standard

    Surface Roughness Reference Standards/Profilometer Standards
    Model No. SRG4600-500 | SRG4600-505

    High quality Surface Roughness calibration standard for portable surface roughness gauges. Ra values of 119.5 and 16.1; individually serialized and […]

    portable hardness testing printer, portable hardness testers printer, portable rockwell hardness testers printer, portable hardness tester

    Portable Hardness Testers Printer- Portable Hardness Testing w/Printer
    Model No. PHT-3500

    Best price, best features on the market today!
    Portable Hardness Tester specializing in testing large hard metal parts.

    Ultrasonic thickness gauge gel, ultrasonic thickness gauge accessories, ultrasonic thickness gauge step blocks

    Accessories for Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges/Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Gel/Ultrasonic/Step Block
    Model No. UTG-0500 | UTG1000-808 | UTG1000-850

    This general-purpose ultrasonic couplant gel holds on to horizontal and overhead surfaces, is designed to work with ultrasonic thickness gauges, and is ideal for iron, steel, aluminum, and titanium surfaces.