Surface Roughness Tester/Profilometer/Ra Surface finish with Bluetooth Data Output




Roughness parameter Ra, Rms(Rq), (ISO), Rt, Rz (DIN)
Measuring range Ra: 0.05-10.0mm  / Rz 0.1-50mm Rms: 0.05-10.0mm  / Rt: 0.1-50mm
Display Type 1.14” IPS TFT
Cut-off lengths 0.01in., 0.03in., 0.10in                (0.25, 0.80, 2.50mm)
Filter Gauss Digital
Tracing length 0.23in  (6mm)
Evaluation Length 1.25mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm
Tracing speed 0.04in/second  (1.0mm/second)
Accuracy Within +/- 7%  of actual value
Pick-up stylus Piezo-electric
Tracer tip Diamond, radius 10mm +- 2.5mm
Memory / Transmission 500 Values / Bluetooth
Operating temperature 32-104 degrees F  (0-40 degrees C)
Power 1pc 1.5v AA Battery
Contact force on probe <0.5N
Static measuring force of sensor stylus <0.16N
Dimensions 73x28x62mm
Weight 0.5lbs   (220g)

Data Output Software is Included!

SRG-2200 Surface Roughness Tester

SRG2000-VISE Optional Vise

The New Phase II SRG-2200 Mini Surface Roughness Tester is a next generation of surface roughness tester developed by the Phase II Metrology Group that features high accuracy, a wide range of application, simple operation and stable performance. It is widely applicable in surface roughness testing all kinds of metals and non-metals.

Large memory with data output via Bluetooth.

The 1.14” IPS TFT display shows choice of surface roughness parameter Ra, Rz, Rq and Rt at the touch of a button, combined with the selected cutoff length. External calibration of the surface roughness value is possible by means of a built-in calibration feature which makes adjustment of this instrument very easy. Data output via Bluetooth makes saving surface roughness results fast and easy. The easy-to-use SRG-2200 surface roughness tester operates on various surfaces, not only flat but also outer cylinder, outer cone, grooves, and recesses greater than 80x 30mm. The areas of application are widespread. It is suitable for inspection departments, quality control, on the shop floor during machining, during assembly, and on site.

The PHASE II SRG-2200 surface roughness tester comes complete with a compact durable carrying case, surface roughness standard, data output software, and instruction manual.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 in